We provide professional aerial photography for all your business and personal needs. Real estate, personal or commercial events, marketing needs, business promotions, aerial inspections and more. 


We provide high resolution aerial video footage to meet all your business and personal needs. Whether you need a short clip, or a longer video to post to your social media and websites. All videos are edited for quality, color grading, and presentation.

Area Mapping 

Utilizing industry software, we can provide area mapping of any land or property, such as the site shown on the picture above, of approximately 25 acres of new construction. Drone mapping is a powerful data collecting tool that can provide precise measurements, such as area, distance, height, and pile volumes.  

Thermal Imaging 

Our drones are equipped with high tech thermal imaging cameras. The use of thermal imaging is increasingly becoming useful in various day to day applications.  Whether you need to determine an area of your home that may need more insulation as a result of hot spots, determine high heat areas of critical infrastructures, identify the best locations to place solar panels, or inspect a solar farm. Our drones can provide the data you need and more.

3D Reconstruction 

We can turn your project site, or property into a 3D environment with point cloud technology. Applications of 3D point cloud technology include construction safety management, project progress analysis, building reconstruction, land contour analysis, and more.   

Project Progress Reports

Utilizing drone mapping, we can provide project reports to assist in data collection. We can periodically provide images, videos, and mapping over large project sites to streamline information gathering. We also have the capability to provide live video feed to any location with a WIFI connection for a complete oversight experience.

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About us:

DroneNav LLC is a veteran owned and operated family business based in Richmond Hill, Georgia. Our mission is to provide professional and expert aerial drone services, to meet customer needs, and commercial business objectives. Using innovative drone technology to conduct photography, videography, photogrammetry, and thermal imaging. Our goal is to be the best drone service provider in the low country. 

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